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Weekly Lecture Recordings!

Since we have members in many different time zones, members have preferred to have the lectures offline instead of live recently!

If you're a new member and prefer a live format, just shoot me a message and we can find a time that works!

Let me know if you have any questions while watching the recordings, or if you have any suggestions for future topics 🙂. Simply click the image to watch.


Neural Networks

Dive into exactly how they work. No prior knowledge required!


Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

An alternative to fine tuning. Let's give LLMs access to a database!


Intro to RL - Part 2

Let's dive deeper into RL, covering the Bellman Equations!


Mamba Neural Network

This paper was released earlier this year, and is an alternative to the Transformer!


Model Distillation

Let's cover model distillation, a key contribution to deep learning by Dr. Hinton.


Intro to Multi Agent Frameworks

In this lecture, we go over the Self Organized Agent Framework for code generation!


Mixture of Experts

The secret neural network behind GPT 4. PyTorch is a prerequisite to this lecture!


Intro to RL - Part 1

An intro to Reinforcement Learning. Let's build agents that learn in an environment!


Infinite Transformer . . .

Google developed a new Transformer that can process infinite context. Let's explain it.


RL - Part 3

Let's dive into PPO, the algorithm behind RLHF (RL from Human Feedback).


Weight Agnostic Neural Networks

Let's explore an interesting concept: Neural Networks that don't require training.


Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) - Part 2

Let's implement a Graph Neural Network and train it using PyTorch Geometric!


Image Classification

The basics of Convolutional Neural Networks, also known as CNNs.


Vision Transformer

Transformers can be used for image recognition too! Move over CNNs . . .


ScreenAI (Google Paper)

What if we had a Vision - Language Model specialized for user interfaces?


Classical ML

Let's discuss the K-Means algorithm, an unsupervised clustering method!


Graph Neural Networks (GNNs)

Let's explore the basics of GNNs, as well as the Attention Graph Network from 2018.


ChatDev Multi Agent Framework

In this lecture, we go over the ChatDev Framework for software development!


Sentence BERT (SBERT)

In this lecture, we go over how to train Sentence or Paragraph Embeddings - without using Token/Word Embeddings!

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