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Save Weeks of Time with Module Based Courses

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Customize these models and create yourGPT.

Learn to build multimodal models.

Dive into RNNs, GPU efficient code, & more.

Stay Up to Date with Weekly Concept Overviews

Explained & coded exclusively for the community.

An Intro to Computer Vision.

MLX: PyTorch but for iOS.

Learn the basics of LangChain.

Words From Our Students

See what they have to say.

GPT & Chill Testimonial

- Rafael, a Software Engineer

GPT & Chill Testimonial

- Jane, a Student

GPT & Chill Testimonial

- Simon, a Data Scientist

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Hey, I'm Shekhar, a student at NYU!

“GPT & Chill has truly revolutionized the way we students engage with LLMs & Natural Language Processing.

What makes GPT & Chill stand out is its ability to simplify complex concepts and make them accessible to everyone.”

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