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They require zero background knowledge in AI/ML, just Python.

These problems take you all the way to coding ChatGPT from scratch.

NeetCode hosts my problems on his code sandbox, and all the links to my background videos, the problems themselves, and solution videos are below.

Happy Coding.

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Bite-sized coding problems for ML.

Background Video
Practice Problem

Gradient Descent

The foundation of training AI.

Solution Video

Linear Regression

The reason we learn y = mx + b.

Linear Regression

Training our first model.

Neural Networks

These bad boys are smart.


We unlocked this goated library.

Handwritten Digits

Our first real Neural Network.

PyTorch Training Loops

Gradient Descent Returns.

Sentiment Analysis

Let's code an emotion detector.

GPT Dataset

Let's set it up for training.

Self Attention

Teaching neural nets to read.

Multi Headed Attention

Why ChatGPT is so good.


The best neural network.

Code GPT

Almost there.

Make GPT Talk Back

Let's finally generate text.

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